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We at Cleveland crane take pride in keeping our modern fleet of cranes in optimum performance by applying stringent servicing and maintenance schedules. In addition to our internal measures Cleveland crane has independent assessors conduct annual assessments of our equipment to ensure we meet the national standard in safety.

Equalling these high standards in maintenance are the high standard we place on safety, both on our premises and on work sites. Cleveland crane Workplace Health and Safety Manager oversees the safety standard of our staff company procedures and work sites to ensure fluid operations and minimal risk of accidents or injury.

This equates to a crane company that delivers reliability and safety which in turn assists in bringing customers project on time and budget.

Sourcing the right lifting equipment to deliver projects on time and budget brings many challenges stem from the many cranes we have in our fleet.

Cleveland crane have developed lifting expertise across various construction industries.

Cleveland Crane Hire is a member of the CPHA (Contractors Plant Hire Association) thus maintaining a high standard of workmanship in the maintenance of plant and equipment.

Cleveland Crane has been awarded several long-term contracts over the years, several of which are presently running. We measure up to the standards and requirements set out by our clients, which ensures only the highest standards apply and also ensure service and are committed to deliver on expected dates. The company has a full complement of staff to handle any query and ensure optimum professional competency. Our company is fully committed to providing the best services to its clients.