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Cleveland Crane Hire offers an assortment of specialised transport and lifting solutions to a broad base of customers from different industries in and around the city.

We offer a range of specialised lifting and transport solutions that meet the needs of varying industries in South Africa, each able to withstand even the toughest conditions and operations without faultering.

The safety and efficiency experienced by our clients in this regard is a top concern for our engineers at Cleveland Crane Hire, and we work diligently to ensure the condition and performance of each item in our fleet to ensure that you experience optimal value whenever partnering with us.

We not only offer an extensive fleet of quality cranes for hire, but also offer rental services for a fleet of abnormal trucks, cranes, cherry pickers, and a range of other solutions for tuck hire in Johannesburg.

Whether being used to transport cumbersome and abnormal loads such as specialised machinery or cranes, safely reaching heights on sites and facilities, or forming an integral part of construction and maintenance tasks, our fleet of cherry pickers, cranes, and trucks are perfectly suited to any task.


Our services for crane and truck hire in Johannesburg gives your facility and operations access to a dynamic and quality-driven fleet of specialised vehicles, each characterised by dependability, power, efficiency, safety, and of course, affordability.

This gives your facility the tools it needs for the job, no matter what the application is, allowing you to continue being productive with confidence.

From cherry pickers and solutions designed to enhance crane transport through an up-to-date, specially cared-for, and affordable fleet of trucks for hire in Johannesburg, we have all your needs covered.


Our fleet includes a broad range of specialised solutions that includes:

· cherry pickers with a 26-metre boom length and 4-wheel drive,

· specialised crane trucks with 21 metre boom lengths and 1.5-ton capacity,

· as well as the Hybrid selection of 55-ton lowbed Volvos for specialised or abnormal crane transport.

Each item in our fleet is treated with the utmost care, ensuring continued performance and safety through extensive and ongoing maintenance, timely repairs and replacements, and consistent testing to ensure that they offer the value you have come to expect from us.


Each item in our fleet is treated with absolute care to ensure continued value and safety for our clients. Stringent servicing and maintenance are key to this operation and is applied continually to our solutions.

We also support assessments from independent agencies to ensure that our offers are up to par, no matter the context, while our services for Truck Hire in Johannesburg ensure continued safety on-site with the provision of a Health & Safety manager who oversees operations.


Hybrid reduction – with 55 Ton Lowbed
Computerized Crane Hire Company | Cleveland Crane Hire
Computerized Crane Hire Company | Cleveland Crane Hire


Computerized Crane Hire Company | Cleveland Crane Hire


2010 International Eagle 9800 + Palfinger
Palfinger 54 Meter Ton: Can lift 17 Ton right next to Truck
Boom Length 21 meter @ 1,5 Ton
Winch Capacity – 3 Ton


Truck & Crane Hiring Services | Lifting Equipment Company | Cleveland Crane Hire


26m Boom Length
4 x 4